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camping in the back of a truck

Our four person tent is spacious enough to eat, work, and play card games on those rainy or cold nights. The benefit to this method of truck bed camping is that it offers the lowest barrier to entry, requiring less up-front cost and no major additions to your truck, while still providing you with an elevated space for sleeping. You need to know how to drive in mud. Or you could go “survival mode” and get a flint fire starter. Don’t skimp on your safety. Campground showers are fine, but if you’re roughing it away from any facilities, a portable shower can make a big difference (especially if you plan on swimming). Whether you are truck bed camping in a tent or a camper shell, any of these heaters will be great. Each one comes with its own set of challenges and strengths. Originally seen as a go-to accessory for many athletes and…, I began looking for eco-friendly products while on the beaches of Greece surrounded by plastic waste. Lastly, rooftop tents tend to be a covered bed which means you don’t have much room to hang out in the tent. Just roll out your sleeping bag, grab a pillow, and get as comfortable as possible. Napier offers the only truck tents on the market with a full floor, … Required fields are marked *. On the road I sacrifice, but that doesn’t mean I have to be a smelly mess. While you can certainly purchase a canopy brand new from the manufacturer, I’d recommend checking out your local marketplaces for used (but cared for) canopies in your area. The downside of rooftop tents is that they’re on the roof of your truck. In this post, we’re going to go over the styles of truck camping, vehicles used, gear you need to carry, and kitchen supplies to bring. All of this is intended to aid and support your vehicle in the event of a flat tire, getting stuck, or facing unforeseen circumstances. Because the requirements for everyone will be different and all truck beds are different I wont provide you any specific measurements. While it’s not my favorite product on the market the multi-fuel system is for those who need a multitude of options when camping around the world. With the added elevation from the ground, it does give the added advantage of being away from lions and hyenas or bears in North America. When possible pick up the local currency from ATM’s, but we would recommend always having USD on hand. It’s economical, reliable, has a short wheelbase, and lightweight. Generally, we find the most secure place we can to stash $1,000 away in the vehicle. With some experience between the rooftop vs traditional tent, the time difference is only matter of minutes. It involves no retrofitting of the truck other than perhaps some organization in the rear or trunk. A good place to start is to look at the offerings from Engel or ARB. They are well known for breaking down frequently but loved by the mechanically inclined who can get it back on the road. The Defender is known for its tough utilitarian design. Opt for darker colors because they don’t show dirt as much. This allows for the storage of the truck camping supplies underneath the bed. Option 2 gives you maximum comfort at the expense of storage and is best for people taking longer trips or who don’t have a ton of gear. After all, Toyotas and off-road go hand and hand due to their prevalence and reliability. There is a lot more to love about rooftop tents other than not being eaten by a pride of lions. This is your back to basics style of camping. Just be careful about suspending too much weight from your canopy ceiling, as it poses as safety hazard and could damage your canopy. If you plan on running interior lights after dark, make sure you take it for a test run before hitting the road by firing up the lights at night and observing their brightness from the exterior of your truck. A tent is fine, but what’s the serious … Always ensure that you have enough fuel to reach your destination. You never think you need electricity until you do. In the case of a sleeping... Next, you need to protect yourself from the weather while sleeping. Another great company to check out is Black Diamond for some high quality tents. For a truck with an open bed, consider installing a hard or soft camper shell or a tent designed to be pitched on the bed of the truck (pictured above) or off the back of an SUV. We’re not meat eaters and the need to freeze and keep our meat wasn’t there to justify the thousand dollars it would cost to place one in the vehicle. She has a thick coat (thankfully) … The Hilux and Tacoma are fairly comparable vehicles, although the Hilux does nudge the Tacoma out in terms of payload and engine size. For the sake of this post length, we’ll stick with the truck element. It all comes down to what you need. ... I’ve been hiking, camping, backpacking and picking huckleberries my entire life. But if you want the granddaddy of all camping chairs, you’ve got to check this bad boy out: the Nemo Stargaze Reclining Chair. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Of course, you’re going to want to carry the basics like camp chairs, a table, and lights and anything that you personally love while camping. We hope to inspire other independent travelers and provide the resources to do so. I’d recommend a down sleeping bag (as opposed to a synthetic sleeping bag) because they’re lighter and last longer than synthetic sleeping bags with comparable insulation ratings. However, if you love milk in your coffee and steak it’s certainly worth the investment. It’s not sexy or makes any cool car lists, but Suzuki has been making a pretty awesome off-road truck. And we found it all by chance sitting on a lot we had overlooked in Cape Town. As for a sleeping pad, I’d recommend a self-inflating sleeping pad for optimal warmth and convenience. You have three basics variations of sleeping arrangements and travel styles. 35 Life-Changing Eco Friendly Products You Need to Have, What to Wear in Greece • The Ultimate Greece Packing List, The Ultimate Peak Design Travel Tripod Review • 5 Essential Takeaways. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel! Pajero can often be found for an affordable price and their tough vehicles that can go just about anywhere. These tents can be worth their weight in gold and one of the most comfortable ways to travel. It’s a classic overland vehicle prized for its reliability, toughness, and affordability. Built in the back of an 1993 F150 long bed for a customer looking to do some surf trips to Baja or work from the truck after a surf near home in LA. In his case, you will need a tent. Or you could always opt for multiples options. This model is perfect for couples who like to travel together since it … So, while you’re doing your truck bed build-out, consider attaching a piece of plywood to the inside of your tailgate for a flat cooking surface. Our overland trip in Africa hit a snag when we found ourselves unable to restock the butane can system (hello open fire cooking). There is no vehicle more synonymous or better suited than the Toyota Landcruiser. For our year in Africa, we saw all of their seasons including the rainy season in the jungle. Temperature and Weather Monitors // Speaking of things to affix with Velcro, a digital temperature and weather monitor is useful to have on the inside of your truck bed. Not to mention getting into the great outdoors is proven to be one best way to add years to your life. It conveniently hides away and can be used for multiple types of storage (including cooking). Thanks to a quality tent we were dry every night. Velcro // You’re probably hesitant about drilling holes in your truck bed or canopy. In recent years Toyota has moved into the luxury vehicle market adding all sorts of bells and whistles to the Land Cruiser. The Outdoor Authority is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to With the prevalence of social media and a generation of travelers, it feels tougher and tougher to escape the feeling of being a tourist. Most designated campsites have a source of water, but there is always the times when you may need your own source. Mainly practiced by outdoorsy people, like rock climbers, hikers, fishermen, and skiers, truck camping has grown in popularity as of late, with many DIYers joining the scene and the setups getting more and more sophisticated. There are systems that mount to a roof rack and can double as a hot water source for showers. The largest cost comes in the form of purchasing a bed canopy if your vehicle is a pickup, bakkie, or utility truck. Other than that, what else do you need for a mostly complete cooking setup? I recommend picking up some ammo boxes that lock together. It was a campaign originally started by the National Park Service, US Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management in the 1970s. Learn how your comment data is processed. Which truck did you choose and what are pros and cons of living in a truck camper? In fact, you’ll probably want to spend as little time in there as possible. However, in South America and Africa, you will be hard-pressed to find many of the bottle systems. In Europe, Australia, and North America we rely on our credit cards for everything. We like to pick up all little we see along the way and make it better than when we arrived. Countryside, hillside and lakeside: Setting up camp with your pickup truck. Their easy setup means you drive into a campground, park on level ground, and pop your tent up in a matter of minutes. Fridges are great and many camping fridges are efficient and have divided sections with different temps. If you choose to go this route, give a long look at canopies with extra headroom. Portable Solar Panel // I like to use renewable energy when possible because, well, it’s renewable. You can pitch them away from the vehicle, like by a river bank or under a low hanging tree for shade. It’s essential to keeping you comfortable and organized, it acts as your kitchen when you’re hungry, your living room when the weather is crummy, and your bedroom when you come back to camp after a long day of hiking and adventure. Coleman has made a dual fuel system called the 424. Privacy should be a major consideration both when choosing your truck bed canopy and when building out your interior. Quick Dry Microfiber Towels // As a commenter on our list of 27 Car Camping Essentials pointed out, you need a way to dry things quickly! This 400W inverter can be connected either directly to a car battery or through a cigarette lighter, providing you with two 2.4 A USB ports and 2 AC power outlets. You’ve never seen a job more demanding on a vehicle than the ones kicking around the bush in Africa. The canopy is the most important part of your truck bed camping setup. Conversion camping is the broadest form of camping because of the styles, methods, and custom builds. The second drawback is the reliability of a Land Rover. If you plan to spend more than a few days camping it’s very likely you will face inclement weather. The conversion and rooftop camping options often opt for an awning as there is very limited “living space.” The awning can provide shade, coverage from rain, or walls for a true at home feeling. Check out our Complete Guide to Camping Coffee for everything you need to know. Hydro Flask vs YETI • Who Insulates Better? Also, DUDE Wipes are a lifesaver. Coming up with a water solution isn’t rocket science. Truck Bed Camping: How-To, Tips & Gotta Have Gear First, Let’s Look at Truck Bed Tents. The largest advantage comes in the form of comfort, most rooftop tents come with real beds that can be combined with quality bedding. … Comfort can make or break your camping experience. That’s right when you’re stuck sweating your ass off in 100+ degree heat digging your truck out of the sand you’re adding years to your life. First Aid Kit // By failing to prepare you’re preparing to fail. In more remote locations you may need to carry an ample supply of water. The great advantages of them are a comfortable bed, the security of a locked car, and when the weather takes a turn for the worse you have solid walls and a roof. The ultimate question – Hydro Flask vs Yeti – which one is the superior brand? Cotton Sheets // Sleeping bags are fantastic in cold weather. However, most truck tailgates have an uneven surface that can make cooking a hassle. You can also stealth camp and park in residential areas where camping is not permitted if that’s your cup of tea. I’m a minimalist so an old-school Land Cruiser like the 60 or 70 series is the way to go in my opinion. The argument over what makes the best truck for camping or overlanding is considered fighting words for most. If you’re tight on space or more than two people a ground tent may be the only option. A truck mattress is an inflatable bed built for the rear of your vehicle. In addition, they have the tendency to feel like a real room with heavy canvas siding, unlike a lightweight tent. We’ve put together our lists of best fishing waders and best fishing line, so check those out.

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